Can Infosys Adapt to Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy (NYT)?

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Can Infosys Adapt to Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy (NYT)?

Postby (mis)Management on Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:04 pm

But tensions surfaced. Important decisions were all made in India. Questions were unwelcome. Complaints brought retaliation — reassignments, demotions, abrupt firings and belittling remarks.

“It’s basically a corporate caste system, run out of India,” said Erin Green, a former immigration lawyer for Infosys, who filed one of the civil suits against the company in Texas last year. “And people who are not Indian are at the bottom.”

Daniel Kotchen, a lawyer who has a pending suit against the company in Wisconsin on behalf of former workers, said, “Infosys has a business model that is discriminatory — its rigid and explicit preference for a certain kind of person.”

Infosys is fighting the suits, denying discrimination and saying its work force reflects the global labor pool for technology skills.
Even as Infosys increases hiring in America, its lower-paid engineers back in India still animate the business. Wage rates in India have risen in recent years, but the gap is still sizable — a third or a fourth the rates in the United States.

Programming work done in India, analysts estimate, is twice as profitable as writing code in America. On a typical project, 70 percent or more of the work is done in India.
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