GTE Change In Control Agreement 2000 Merger

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GTE Change In Control Agreement 2000 Merger

Postby Right Wing on Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:27 pm

The 2000 merger that GTE, Bell Atlantic, and NYNEX made to become Verizon included a guarantee to former GTE employees that met certain qualifications called Change in Control. Have any of the former GTE employees who met those qualifications opted to leave the Verizon benefits and enrolled in the Change in Control (former GTE Choices) benefits? I am searching for any GTE retiree that has elected to not use the offered medicare advantage plans and gone to another supplemental plan or advantage plan and is receiving monthly reimbursement from Verizon via GTE health insurance plans (even if you retired before the merger). Verizon Benefits told me that former GTE employees who retired never received monthly cash benefits for opting out of the offered provider plans.
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